ISTI is actively involved in collaborations with many other research institutes as well as with the academic world, both national and international. In recognition of the importance of training in today's Information Society, ISTI pays great attention to involving doctoral students and post-doctoral fellows in research activities and participates actively in the educational programs of the University of Pisa, Scuola Normale Superiore, Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna and other partner universities.

The Institute provides external services in the following areas:

The Center provides "third-party" evaluation and certification services in the area of Information Technology for Industry and the Public Administration. Hardware development is focussed on:

  • Reliability prediction
  • Safety
  • Mean-time-between-failure (MTBF) of context-dependent systems
  • Quality control
  • Compliance with standards

The software activity is mainly concentrated on model set up and evaluation services:

  • Study of reliability evaluation criteria
  • Criteria for methodological analysis of projects
  • Models for quality control
  • Software process modeling

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The ISTI Library, founded in 1954 with the Center for Studies on Electronic Computing (CSCE) of the University of Pisa (later IEI-CNR), is one of the oldest ICT Libraries in Europe. The Library support the informational needs of the scientific community, allowing access to a significant number of either traditional or electronic resources.

The Library offers high quality services with the aim to facilitate the research activities of the Institute. It is responsible for the management of ISTI research products and provides support in the research assessment procedures (VQR).

The Library is a member of associations as well as national and international committees, and office of the National Civil Service project [UNSC - Servizio Civile Nazionale] - Una Biblioteca Digitale CNR per la Scienza e la Tecnica: dal Prototipo al Servizio.

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The working group operates a cloud infrastructure which hosts the Institute core services: DNS, Identity Manager, the management of email and mailing lists. The same infrastructure is going to provide computation, containers orchestration, storage and managed services to the Institute and to the research groups.

Beyond the previous services, the working group is managing also a ticketing service, a file share and collaboration platform, a git repository, a network monitoring service.

Further the group is also managing the email services for the AREA-CNR of Pisa.